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Empower Learning Team

Providing Award-Winning Solutions for Education

Empower Learning is an education technology company providing products to 9,000+ K12 classrooms to help enhance instruction for teachers and make the largest impact on the integration of technology within the classroom.

As a featured partner to Promethean, we are your local experts providing installation services, on-site support and training.

About Promethean

Promethean, an ed-tech leader for almost 25 years, creates learning and collaboration tools to engage students, connect colleagues and bring out the brilliance in everyone.



The award-winning ActivPanel provides an immersive, tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom and delivers a natural writing experience for teachers and students so they can collaborate with ease.



Unleash the possibilities of Promethean interactive displays with intelligently-designed computing modules. Promethean offers Chrome OS, and Windows® computing options so schools can choose the operating system that works best for their IT ecosystem.

Empower Learning complete integration services.

By being an established Promethean Platinum Partner since 2007 Empower Learning offers a comprehensive group of services from training to service. This is important because many panel providers use different companies for training, installation and warranty repair. With Empower you will be dealing with the same professional individuals for years to come. Many of the schools we work with have been supported by our staff for over 15 years.

Professional Development Services

Professional Development accompanies all of our products as we believe training encourages effective use, which leads to engaged students with positive outcomes. Empower Learning offers a series of professional development solutions depending upon your needs.

Installation: All our products are installed by certified installers with years of experience.

Maintenance: All products installed by Empower Learning come with a 90 day up and running support. If you have any issues within this period we will be out within two days to service you free of charge.

Empower Learning’s on-site service provides you the support necessary to keep your systems running. By pre-purchasing service hours, Empower Learning can respond within two business days without the hassle of a PO, minimizing potential downtime in your classrooms.

Service Includes

1. Troubleshooting

2. Repair and warranty work

3. Chrome setup and console registration

4. Software updates

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