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Enhancing Campus Safety With SAFE System - A Vital Solution ForEducation

Ensuring the safety of students and staff is paramount in any educational institution. That's why we're excited to introduce you to the SAFE System® (Signal Alert for Education), a revolutionary solution designed to provide timely assistance to teachers, administrators, and other school personnel in both minor incidents and life-threatening crises.

Why SAFE System Stands Out:

● Discreet Communication: Our integration with the teacher microphone offers a seamless and discreet option for educators to alert administrators. The Duress Transmitter provides non-teaching staff with a convenient means to seek assistance discreetly from anywhere on the campus.

● Clear Visibility with EPIC System: The Education Paging & Intercom Communications (EPIC) System's kiosk empowers administrators by displaying the date, time, and location of incidents. The web-based interface allows for clear direction and situational awareness across the entire campus.

● Text, Email, & App Alerts: Simultaneously with the front office kiosk alert, designated staff receive email and text notifications containing a link to the incident details. Optional cameras can provide a live stream of the classroom, enhancing communication and response efficiency.

Benefits of the SAFE System:

● Bullying Intervention: Teachers and administrators can monitor, intervene, and correct behavior before it escalates, fostering a safer and more inclusive learning environment.

● Medical Emergency Response: Swiftly request the appropriate medical assistance for any health condition or emergency, ensuring the well-being of everyone on campus.

● Proactive Approach to Fighting: School personnel have the capability to step in before conflicts escalate, promoting a culture of respect and preventing potential harm.

● Weapons Detection: Inform staff with instant live audio and video feeds, and promptly summon authorities to handle any potential weapon-related incidents.

Statistics Speak Volumes

Don't miss the chance to explore how Audio Enhancement's SAFE System can enhance the safety and security of your educational institution.

Learn more about how audio solutions can transform the learning experience by scheduling a call with our team or calling (317) 865-0557

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