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White Glove Device Enrollment 

System Prep Pre-shipment ​

White Glove Service includes enrollment of the Chromebook devices in the school’s Management Console, full OS up- dates, and school personalization. This prepares the device for teacher and/or student use upon arrival. By preparing the Chromebook for use upon delivery, the work required by the onsite technical staff is greatly reduced and the end-user experience is improved.​

Google Chrome Management Console

Planning, Deployment, First-Time Setup

Empower Learning works with the reseller and network/school administrators to design the Management Console in a similar fashion as Active Directory. Key focus is on developing the Organizational Units/Classes and the rights associated with them. This insures correct setup of the wireless SSIDs, which is critical to a smooth roll out. Training of support staff occurs during this first-time setup, with demonstrations of how to administer the domain and its settings in the future. This will prepare Chromebooks for use within seconds of arrival in the classroom.

Setup & Administration Consulting

Schools new to using Google Apps will find value in using the Empower Learning team for the initial Google Apps setup. The registration, acquisition of the Google PIN number, and the domain verification are critical parts of the process. During these steps it would benefit the partner to discuss whether the school wants to migrate existing e-mail to the Google account or start fresh. The migration is not part of the offering but is a perfect place for resellers to offer migration services, either their own or via delivery by Empower Learning.

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Professional Development Services

System Prep Pre-shipment ​

Your 1:1 Classroom This course is designed to help teachers maximize the use and leverage the full potential of mobile devices in the classroom.  Participants will be introduced to a technology integration model that can be used to evaluate how they are implementing mobile devices relative to transforming teaching and learning.  They will leave with knowledge of best practice strategies, curricular samples that offer opportunities for student research, collaboration, and presentation, and a better understanding of how to make the most of the technology.  Help take your 1:1 device methodologies to the next level and work with other course participants to develop true integration practices that will work in your classroom


Chromebook Designed to engage teachers and prepare them for teaching in the Chromebook environment.  This course incorporates innovative integration techniques focused on planning, resources, and curriculum management with hands on opportunities to drive curriculum connections.


Leadership in a 1:1 Environment This course is centered on Digital Pedagogy to assist administrators with providing leadership in a 1:1 learning environment.  Participants will discover ways to provide ongoing professional development, with a focus on teacher learning and collaboration.  They will leave with an understanding of how to set 1:1 expectation and goals, create repositories, locate resources, and ways to evaluate their 1:1 programs.

Professional Development Services

Professional Development accompanies all of our products as we believe training encourages effective use, which leads to engaged students with positive outcomes. Empower Learning offers a series of professional development solutions depending upon your needs.  
Installation: All our products are installed by certified installers with years of experience.  

Maintenance: All products installed by Empower Learning come with a 90 day up and running support.  If you have any issues within this period we will be out within two days to service you free of charge.  

Empower Learning’s on-site service provides you the support necessary to keep your systems running.
By pre-purchasing service hours, Empower Learning can respond within two business days without the hassle of a PO, minimizing potential downtime in your classrooms.

Service Includes
1. Troubleshooting
2. Repair and warranty work
3. Bulb replacement
4. Software updates

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