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At Promethean, our key focus is to design and develop transformational education solutions that support teaching and learning best practices. All of our interactive, integrated solutions are backed by unparalleled support and training to ensure educators have the resources they need to transform their classrooms into engaging, efficient learning environments focused on academic success for all students.


Free yourself from the front of the room.

We love when Vivi-enabled schools tell us they’re creating classrooms that don’t have a front of the room so that teachers stay mobile and students stay engaged.

Vivi is a wireless screen mirroring that the teacher controls in the classroom. Every detail in the Vivi app enhances the teacher’s ability to engage their students.


Get a return on investment for every display.

You’ve wisely chosen a dedicated wireless screen mirroring and digital solution for your displays, as opposed to costly interactive flat panels. Now it’s time to maximize your ROI from your displays.


With Vivi, digital signage is an included feature that is centrally managed alongside screen mirroring. From the comfort of your office (or anywhere, really), you can turn on/off every display and control what each is showing.


Benefits of and Uses for Digital Signage in Education 

The benefits of digital signage in education are measurable. Schools that leverage their screen mirroring technology for digital signage see a much greater return on their investment and instantly modernize their schools to adapt to a more tech-savvy generation. While digital signage is nothing new, giving schools access to this technology in a scalable, affordable way is.

Owl Labs

Create an immersive hybrid classroom experience

In any space with the intelligent 360° camera, mic, and speaker.

Behind the dynamic features in all Owl Labs devices is the Owl Intelligence System, proprietary AI-driven software that receives regular upgrades to make collaborating even more immersive and inclusive.




Classrooms continue to evolve — and so do Poly classroom solutions. Our video, voice and content sharing products and services empower educators to adapt to the changes and deliver exceptional learning experiences, in and out of the classroom.




Many of Poly’s video solutions feature speaker tracking technology, allowing instructors to move freely about the room even while wearing masks. This worry-free feature lets you focus on the teaching, not the tech.


Symphony Classroom

Freedom to Teach -  The digital assistant for teachers.

We believe the future of work is people using a digital assistant to be more productive and free to do what humans do best.


•   Responds to voice, touch, or remote control.

•   Built just for education environments.

•   Provides shortcuts to make work better.

•   Natural to use by design.

Merlyn Mind

Audio Enhancement's solutions are designed to be able to work together or on their own—classroom audio provides clear instruction through masks; classroom video enhances digital content to facilitate effective remote and blended learning; schoolwide communication allows for instant, flexible scheduling to accommodate staggered schedules; and school safety provides quick communication with office staff to communicate urgent situations. 


  • Classroom Audio

  • Classroom Video

  • Intercom paging and bells

  • School Safety

Audio Enhancement


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704 S State Rd 135 STE D Box 308, Greenwood In 46143

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