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Account Referral Program

At Empower Learning customer satisfaction is a top priority and we put all of our efforts into ensuring quality installations, responsiveness and being your technical advisor when it comes to your Interactive Classrooms.

With that, we are excited to introduce our Customer Referral Program. So that our customers can refer the Empower Learning team to other Educational customers in their network. And when you do that we want to say thank you by giving back a valuable service or product.

Referral Us to Your Network

Our Account Referral Program Details:

If the introduction results in a sale of an interactive classroom the customer's (who made the reference) school will receive a free training class. If it results in a sale of 10 or more interactive classrooms, Empower Learning will donate an entire Interactive Classroom to the school that made the reference.

About Us

Empower Learning's focus is to provide complete end-to-end integration of Interactive classrooms and provide ongoing maintenance. It is our goal to have 100% completely satisfied customers. And to provide them excellent service by providing every aspect of customer support in the form of selling, installation, warranty service, and professional development.

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